Bridge Home Solutions for home buyers, sellers and agents

We help homebuyers become homeowners.

We help homebuyers become homeowners.

Bridge Home Solutions

creates seller-financing programs to help homebuyers who get turned down for a traditional mortgage, but who are financially able to afford a home, including a down payment.

The professionals at Bridge Home Solutions have helped homebuyers become homeowners by facilitating thousands of seller-financed real estate transactions throughout Louisiana since 1985.  

There are many schemes that promise to provide quick home ownership to buyers who are facing obstacles. Many of them have hidden costs, loopholes and a middle man taking a big cut out of the down payment. This is totally different. The Bridge Home Solutions path to home ownership is a professional, legal and proven approach. Here are six simple steps to home ownership.

We create the seller-financing arrangement through a Bond for Deed, which is a legal, regulatory-compliant contract between the seller and the buyer that allows the homebuyer to gain the benefits of home ownership now. The buyer and seller agree on terms of payment and once the Bond for Deed is repaid, the title is transferred to the owner. To protect all parties, the agreement is administered by an escrow agent, licensed and bonded by the state.

The Bond for Deed becomes a bridge that can move the homebuyer from seller-financing into a traditional mortgage; we help you through that process. 

Success Rate

Many considerations go into a properly structured seller bridge financing.  With our help, 97% of the transactions in our portfolio have resulted in a successful outcome for buyer and seller — with a 10% down payment.

Professional, legal and compliant process

  • Our contracts are structured and administered by our licensed professional escrow agent who has the experience and expertise required to properly structure and service these Bond for Deed contracts.
  • The use of experienced professionals makes all the difference in achieving a win-win outcome for the buyer and seller.
  • We don’t promise you the moon. This is not a “too good to be true” scheme.  Not all buyers can benefit from our services. Call us to see if you qualify.

Bridge Home Solutions is not...

  • A “For Sale By Owner” financing arrangement that is a direct transaction between the seller and buyer. Bridge Home Solutions includes a compliant professional third party escrow agent to ensure the safety of both parties.
  • A Lease-Purchase arrangement. When you buy a home using Bridge Home Solutions you receive the benefits of home ownership, including amortization and tax benefits. You build equity with monthly payments. 
  • A credit repair company. We do advise you on what you need to do to work toward approval for a traditional mortgage, but we are not credit counselors.
  • A real estate agent. We CAN work with your agent to structure the deal and guide the agent through the process for a successful presentation to the seller and we CAN connect you to a knowledgeable real estate agent if you do not have one.

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