Seller Financing

We help real estate agents close more deals.

We help real estate agents close more deals.

Offer your clients an alternative to the traditional mortgage.

Offer your clients an alternative to the traditional mortgage.

The principals at Bridge Home Solutions have been successfully completing seller-financing contracts since 1985. We know how to structure a deal that will work for everyone and is legal, professional and regulatory-compliant. We can help real estate agents offer that option to their clients who have been left out of the market because they can’t qualify for a conventional mortgage.

The entire business model of residential real estate is in flux.

The bad news

National companies with Wall Street backing from Zillow to 1% Listing to and others have leveraged technology and created high impact alliances that are threatening to change the way people buy, sell, and finance homes. And it is just going to get worse.

These companies focus on the traditional homebuyer who finances their purchase conventionally with a bank or mortgage company. This is the low hanging fruit and the side of the business they all understand. This is the sweet spot lending itself to the cookie cutter approach needed to generate a large transaction volume, minimize risk, and maximize return on equity. This is also where most agents make their living today.

The good news

There is an underserved market of buyers and sellers out there.

There is a substantial population of people able to afford a mortgage today, but unable to walk into a lender and get a mortgage. Many of them have the ability to make a significant cash down payment. Situations can include: rural property, first time homebuyers, affluent buyers who suffered a setback (hurricane, illness), divorced buyers, self-employed, buyers not long enough in their job, relocated buyers unable to sell their old home, etc. Likewise, there are sellers who are not maximizing the return on the sale of their home.

Seller-financing is an overlooked option.

Many real estate agents and brokers are unfamiliar with the details and benefits of seller-financing for buyers and sellers and/or have a misunderstanding of how it works. Unfortunately, deals regularly fall apart with agents who are ill-equipped to correctly walk their clients through the process.

There is an attractive opportunity for agents who become educated about seller-financing, an opportunity to tap an untapped market and maintain comparable commission structures while hedging exposure to the evolving changes in the marketplace.

How Bridge Home Solutions helps real estate agents close the deal

We  qualify the buyer.

  • We meet with the buyer to determine their ability to purchase the home.
  • We determine steps needed to ultimately qualify for a conventional loan (how and when).

We structure a winning proposal.

  • We help structure a deal that positions the buyer for success and is attractive for the seller.
  • We work with selling and listing agents to fully understand the offer BEFORE presenting to the seller.
  • We guide the agents (selling and listing) through the entire process.
  • We educate the seller objectively on the pros and cons of seller-financing.
  • We help find private investors if appropriate and needed.

“Win Win” Results for Everyone

  • Save time because we qualify and counsel the buyer
  • Increase probability of getting offer accepted
  • Enhance your reputation with buyer and sellers – increased referrals
  • Give you more financial choices to offer clients
  • Vastly expand the pool of potential buyers for the seller
  • Seller can usually get a better price and higher overall return than through a traditional sale
  • Obtain benefits of homeownership for buyer today
  • Allow you to take a buyer that traditionally you would not be able to help and generate a commissioned transaction that otherwise would not take place

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