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Financial benefits for the homeowner (seller)

Financial benefits for the homeowner (seller)

Bridge Home Solutions can help structure a seller-financing contract for your home as an alternative to a traditional sale. It’s worth considering for several reasons.

Your selling prospects are greatly improved

  • The pool of potential buyers for your home is greatly expanded.
  • You can get closer to your asking price.
  • In most all cases you can receive a return on the equity in your home substantially higher than through a conventional sale.

You approve the buyers and the terms & conditions

  • You determine the time frame of the transaction.
  • You do not have to own your home free and clear of a mortgage to structure a seller-financing sale.
  • When you sell your home under our program, you will retain title to your home throughout the term of the financing.
  • Your house is not being flipped. It is being sold directly to the buyer through seller-financing.

The cost of selling can be a lot less

  • You pay no closing costs other than your real estate agent’s sales commission, if your home is listed.
  • During the term of the seller-financing you will not be a “landlord” and will not be responsible for taxes, insurance, maintenance and upkeep.
  • Appraisals and inspections are optional at the parties’ discretion.
  • The entire down payment is paid to you and not to a third party middleman.

You do not have to interact with the buyer

  • A third-party escrow agent, licensed and bonded by the LA Office of Financial Institutions, will service and administer the financing, so you have as much or as little interaction with the buyer as you choose during the term of the financing.

That’s great!

Tell me more!

Every homeowner’s circumstances are different. Selling your home traditionally may or may not be your best option. Fully understanding and being able to factually assess your financial alternatives in selling your home is important in making the best decision financially for you and your family.  Bridge Home Solutions can help you do this by giving you an objective view of the risks and rewards of a seller financing so that you can make an informed decision.